Thursday, 1 September 2011

2012 UBER FAB wedding trends are peeking out! See what's hot!

We're seeing wedding cake colors of pinks, yellows, neutral colors making their way to the wedding stage for 2012.

Amazing floral arrangements are a must for the 2012 wedding season. Vibrant and fresh is the order of the day.

Not only vibrant colors but candy and sushi bars are making a comeback.

Espaços Temáticos

2012 Honeymoons
Forget the same old destinations! No more generic all-inclusive resorts for couples getting married in 2012. Today’s newlyweds are saving up and heading to distant exotic locales. Bali, Morocco and Nepal will start to win out over traditional places like Jamaica and Mexico. Adventurous couples will be doing more than just lying on the beach – we’re seeing 2012 couples register for outgoing activities, such as kite surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding and more!
Addio alla luna di miele tradizionale: molto tanti weekend di nozze!

If you're planning a 2012 wedding make sure you stay organized with a printed wedding workbook from


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2012 UBER FAB wedding trends are peeking out! See what's hot!
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