Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Wedding Planners Rant: I'm not Franc!

Yes this is a totally over dramatic image :)
Can I have a little rant today?

{ Thanks }

I don't know if there are other Irish Wedding Planners out there who get this, but I do, all the time... you meet someone, inevitably the conversation turns to;

'What do you do?'

'I'm a Wedding Planner'

'Oh how exciting... Just like Franc!'

Ugh! Makes my blood boil! Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure Franc { aka Peter Kelly } is just lovely, I've met him on one occasion and he seemed perfectly nice. I'm sure he works very hard, he produces a lovely wedding and I am sure his brides are very happy with him.

Me, as a Wedding Planner, not really feeling the love towards him { actually maybe its him and his show }. You see I am a Wedding Planner... I plan weddings. His show, while entertaining, inspiring and fun, is { over dramatised} TV... its not truely representative of what I do... in that, if things are continually going wrong for me, I'm running around like a blue arse fly, suppliers let me down, time frames go out the window etc etc I HAVE NOT DONE MY JOB PROPERLY!

As I said I am a Wedding Planner! { i.e. I plan weddings }

Of course I have 'those days' nothing seems to go right, everyone is late and occasionally 'bad things' can happen at a wedding. { But thankfully I have planned, with a great back up plan, for that.}

As I said, his show is fun, exciting and at the end of the day { of course } everything works out great but the show doesn't work for me, in that, it paints my profession in a somewhat negative light - that I don't like. I work hard, I plan and prepare for each wedding and couples pay me so that what happens in shows like Franc's doesn't happen on their wedding day.

But of course sensation sells and the drama does keep you hooked; maybe { some } reality might just be too boring for TV? : )

Ps if anyone wants to offer me a TV show I'll only be too happy to dramatise it up and go for the first Drama Queen/ Wedding Planner Oscar ; )

{ Yes I know that is totally hypocritical, but I did say this was a rant; not a careful considered, logical post! : ) }


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A Wedding Planners Rant: I'm not Franc!
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