Monday, 15 August 2011

A Wedding Planner's Top Tip: When a discount is not forthcoming...

Don't despair, consider this an advantage!

Yes, we all love a good discount! In fact, most brides expect it now... we are in a recession after all; at least that is what we're being continually told and I'm sure you've read in blog,after blog and magazine after magazine; always ask for a discount.

 - If you don't ask, you'll never get. It's true.

But let me shock you; you can ask me for a discount... but I wont give you one. I charge what I charge. And I don't discount. And yes, I am worth it. Now if you have a specific budget and would really love to work with me I can tailor a package to your price range, but I don't give my services away for free.

Those that do, more power to you. If you are 'happy' to discount, go for it.

I'll shock you a second time.

For every wedding planning client I worked with, I ALWAYS look for discounts; in fact its a personal guarantee of mine that I will save my client's money when I plan their wedding { often this is my fee and more }. I bet you are thinking to yourself, {how and} why do you ask discounts of others if you are not prepared to discount yourself.... like I said earlier, some are 'willing' to discount, and I am 'willing' to accepted that discount! :)

So what do you do, if like me, your wedding vendor or venue refuses a discount? You, use it to your advantage.

If you are paying a 5 star price, you should receive a 5 star service, if you don't get it, you now have a bargaining tool! As soon as the product/ service becomes sub par, give a warning, if it happens again, explain, you continue to be unhappy, and look for a discount then.

Some times, some things are worth paying for. If discounts are important, quality perhaps isn't a priority for you... those who refuse to discount, often realise their own value and quality and are proud of it.

Accept the price & quality { if a discount isn't forthcoming}, expect the best and use it all to your advantage {if you need to.}


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A Wedding Planner's Top Tip: When a discount is not forthcoming...
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