Wednesday, 3 August 2011

6 Ways to include those who have past in your wedding.

When I got married there were a number of close family members and friends who I had wished could have spent that precious day with us, but sadly they had passed either before we had even met or during our engagement. I know I'm not the only who, or who that, this will happen to. With this in mind here are 6 ways you can include treasured family & friends in your wedding ceremony.

1. Acknowledge them before the ceremony.

Before my own wedding ceremony two of my cousins lit a large candle that had been placed to the right of the altar and read a short poem that included the names of our friends and family that were no longer with us.

2. Tie their pictures to your bouquet.

Particularly poignant for parents or grandparents.

3. Have members of the Wedding Party wear their photos.

4. Include photos of you and them in the wedding reception.

Source: None via Bláithín on Pinterest

5. Add a family tree to your Ceremony Booklet.

6. Wear something of theirs on your Wedding Day


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6 Ways to include those who have past in your wedding.
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