Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wedding Dress Love....

I make no bones about the fact that one of my most favourite things to do as a Wedding Planner is take my brides shopping for wedding dresses.... I just LOVE it.

I love seeing my gals transform into 'brides' when they find their dress. I love seeing all the new styles, feeling the fabrics, listening to them move... really I just love it all. And despite being a bride once myself, I still don't know how we all choose just one dress to wear on the day! { I do remember the feeling though... the knowing that it was the one... }

Still the choice is so vast and amazing I really think we should all wear at least 6 on the day. {Ok, yes... ill agree not totally practical, or possibly affordable.... but still.... when you have gorgeous little numbers like this cutie, wouldn't you want to wear more than just one? }


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Wedding Dress Love....
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