Monday, 4 July 2011

Tasteful Fourth of July Wedding Ideas

I couldn't let the US holiday pass by and not mention or 'give it a nod' on the blog. I also wanted to give those of you considering a fourth of July theme for your wedding { next year; today is probably a bit late :) } some tasteful ideas...

First off, ladies if you are thinking of the fourth of July as a wedding theme, the one thing I implore you not to do {because it is the ultimate in 'tact city'} is DO NOT, under ANY circumstance get or have {or even think about} an American flag as a wedding dress! I detest it so much I wont even put one on the blog to show you how truly terrible they are!

{ I do want to clarify: I have absolutely nothing against the flag, its a very nice flag, but it should never be, under any circumstance, a wedding dress!}

Now that, that is sorted let is feast our eyes on some great {tasteful} inspiration for a fourth of July wedding!


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Tasteful Fourth of July Wedding Ideas
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