Friday, 1 July 2011

High End & High Impact Wedding Favour Idea

I know some of you will possibly crucify for the extravagance of this, but its Friday {and my blog} so I am going to post it anyway! {That sounded much less childish in my head :) }

But just imagine this... walking into the banquet hall only to find {your individual} perfume bottle suspended from the ceiling... what a sight it would be to behold!

These Chloe bottles with the little ribbons {which makes it} look a-maz-ing!

A thought just struck me... perhaps an even better one than the above, as it would be a longer {lasting} surprise... instead of doing this in the banquet hall, imagine doing it in the Ladies and Gents... now that would be ABSOLUTELY unexpected and divine!


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High End & High Impact Wedding Favour Idea
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