Monday, 18 July 2011

Great Guest Book Idea: 'Leaf a Note'

Over the past couple of weeks I've featured a number of interesting, unusual and unique guest book ideas on the blog... this one is all those and more.

More so than the others, this guest book has more... commitment involved with it, {oh the irony ;) } ... it potentially has 'lasting' guest book status and could become a permanent feature in your home.

To call it a guest book is perhaps a little limiting, it is, after all a tree... if I had one of these I would put it in a conservatory { after the wedding } and when 'guests' visit my house I would ask them to 'leaf' more notes {sign and dating too}.

I have a 'house' guest book that I get everyone to sign and leave a message when they visit, especially those people who I don't see often or perhaps will only ever visit my house once in a lifetime.

This 'Tree Guest Book' would be ideal for that...

I would suggest maybe making it on a piece of plywood - or something transportable, particularly for the wedding but also incase you move house during your lifetime. And I would also consider having the 'leaves' made from something durable {but replicable, so you can easily get more} so they last the test of time.


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Great Guest Book Idea: 'Leaf a Note'
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