Tuesday, 19 July 2011

2 Super Cool Table Numbering Ideas

Most, if not all, wedding venues use table numbers. Whether they are visible or not is one thing. Many more wedding venues ask you to assign guests to a table... it makes seating them easier as everyone is not clambering to 'sit together'. So chances are you will either have numbers or names on your tables.

Sometimes guests can be a little 'offended' if they are sat at table 24 and believe them to be {at least} top 5 table worthy. For this reason, it is often a good and nice way to use table names, or quirks on table numbering to make it all a little more special { and less offensive}.

Here are two great ideas to inspire you.

Are you into your wine? Way not call your tables after your favourite wines... even incorporate the bottles into our décor!

Not into renaming tables, think numbers are just fine but want to do something a little different with them? Way not 'use' your table numbers to tell your story....


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2 Super Cool Table Numbering Ideas
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