Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Wedding Guest Book with a Fun Twist!

I'm sure many of you will agree the traditional wedding guest book is... well boring, overdone and to be honest a little bit of a waste of time. Having multiple pages of Auntie Mary and Uncle Mike wishing you 'All the best' for the future is well, very unimaginative... {Sorry Mike & Mary}

Bless them, it can be difficult for guests to think on the spot and conjure up some witty/ intellectual or interesting thought/ wish/ advice to write down. My top tips to avoid the inevitable 'best of luck'?:

1. Put a question on each page.

Have you guests answer things like:

Where do you see us in 10 years?
How many kids do you think we'll have?
What should we call our first dog?
How should we divide up the housecleaning?
Which spice girl are each of us most like?

2. Ask them to write down their favourite memory of you both as a couple.

3. Ask them to write down one wish they have for you for the future. Maybe be a little specific or you might end up with to be happy, healthy and wealthy x 120 :)

4. Don't have a guest book - use a dictionary!

Stay with me on this one for one second! Ask guests to circle words in the dictionary that remind them of your wedding day. They can sign their name in the margin beside their word; clever and fun - right?


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A Wedding Guest Book with a Fun Twist!
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