Thursday, 16 June 2011

We love brides...especially ones with amazing stories!

We love brides… especially ones like Kelsy.  Check out this juicy tidbit about the magic of love between Kelsy and Chris written by the bride! 

Here's their story.... "Chris and I are polar opposites....he's the outgoing type and I'm more reserved. With that being said, I have never found someone who I work so well with.  It's completely true what they say...opposites do attract!  I like to think that we're a very spontaneous couple.  Nothing shows that more then our honeymoon to Greece.  We deliberately didn't make any reservations or firm plans, and completely "winged" the whole trip.  We have never had more fun.   We have so much fun together and strive to find the most off beaten trail when we travel or have a day off.  Now the weird quirky stuff....if one of us gets a song stuck in our head, we'll both start bustin' a move.  Little shimmy-shake of the shoulders in the car....ya know, completely normal!"

The photographer who took these photos is Hildebrand Photography in Seattle and we highly recommend them.  Give them a call at Phone: (206) 790-8995 and check out their website: 


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We love brides...especially ones with amazing stories!
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