Tuesday, 28 June 2011

{Possibly} The quickest and cheapest way to get married!

I've seen some wild and wacky things over the years, but this, well this I think takes the biscuit! If you don't have the time or the money to get married the Auto Wed vending machine is the thing for you!

{ I know I sound crazy - right?} But for $1 { or €1 depending on where you are } you can 'get wed' in an instant - rings and {unofficial} certificate included!

The Auto Wed vending machine looks more like a Moroccan pink Barbie toy then a scared celebrant of one of the world's oldest traditions... and really does have blasphemy written all over it with the small depiction of Jesus Christ, but no doubt, somewhere, somehow its doing a roaring trade! { Am unsure as to the existence of a Civil Service version but sure hey, you could just put a hand or a flower over JC for the duration of the {em} 'service'. }

I think I'll file this under the 'what will they think of next' label - don't you agree?



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{Possibly} The quickest and cheapest way to get married!
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