Thursday, 23 June 2011

Involve your guests in your wedding!

Yes a wedding day is mostly about a bride and groom, but what about involving your wedding guests a little more than beyond being in the wedding party, ushers or reading scripture or prayers?

With these 3 great ideas you can kill two birds with one stone { I apologize for the bad turn of phrase there :)} and involve your guests more in the wedding, have cute and interesting talking points and have unique and fun decoration at your wedding too!

Hang photos of your wedding guests above the tables they are being seated at. Pictured here using part of a ladder and some cat gut. { You could of course paint the ladder in your theme colours and even decorate with flowers too! }

Source: None via Bláithín on Pinterest

Stick guest photos into mason jars {aka jam jars}and use as centrepieces. Add some water and yellow food colouring {or any colour food colouring} for fun interesting effects. { Make sure the photos aren't originals if you are doing this }.

At your drinks reception hang wedding pictures of all your attending married guests { don't forget to date and name them too!}


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Involve your guests in your wedding!
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