Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Can you help: Brides Against Breast Cancer?

I read an article this morning, Brides Against Breast Cancer, and it got me thinking; what an amazing idea and why can't I do this here?

Basically Brides Against Breast Cancer do large [sometimes travelling] Wedding Dress Sales across the US to raise money for Making Memories, a foundation that makes wishes come true for Stage 4 Cancer Patients; a noble and worthwhile cause I'm sure you'll all agree. The wedding dresses are largely donated from brides with no further use for them, or from bridal shops or boutiques. The event is free for brides to attend and try on the dresses and buy them, although they do normally do a 'Pre-event' the night before the main event for those who want to get in early. They charge $35.00 per person and serve nibbles and champange... again another fab idea! [Maybe even include a mini fashion show?]

Not one to sit on my ass, [ok I do a little], I've already emailed Making Memories to see if this is something I can do in Ireland, under the name 'Brides Against Breast Cancer' and that if it can benefit Irish Cancer Patients.

Either way, I'm going to do something like this and so, this is a big call out to:

  • Brides who would like to donate their dresses to a worthy cause. 
  • Venues who would like to host such an event. 
  • Graphic Designers & Printeres who will help with posters/ leaflets and flyers 
  • Wedding Advertising Agencies who will offer free promotion
  • Dress Shops who will donate dresses and time to help brides try on the dress [and dress racks too]
  • Stores with racks, mirrors, curtains etc... 
  • In fact anyone who has any product/ service or time that can benefit such an event!
I'm thinking mid-late September would be a good time to 'put this on' - but further planning and thought is needed! Please do get in touch if you are interested in being part of the project! weddinghigh [at] gmail [dot] com.



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Can you help: Brides Against Breast Cancer?
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