Thursday, 19 May 2011

9 DIY Mason Jar Wedding Projects

First off, yes my Irish readers a mason jar is a essentially a jam jar; mason jar sounds way better though; don't you think?

So here are 9 easy peasy DIY mason jar wedding projects that wont stress you out, cost the earth or even take up too much of your time: sounds like perfection, doesn't it?

1. The Mason Jar Glass

Possibly the simpliest. All you'll need are some mason jars, a delicious cocktail, fun straws, cute garnish and a unique serving option: like this drawer!

2. Simple Mason Jar Centrepiece

Again, so simple, a coloured mason jar [clear if you prefer], some of your favourite blooms and decorate with a coloured ribbon or some raffia. Perfect for table centrepieces or small decorative features around your ceremony or reception site.

3. The Mason Jar Pew End

This is just too cute. Again you'll need mason jars, some nice ribbon or fabric, some nice rope, some wire and your favourite blooms = perfect mason jar pew ends... and remember; ideal for taking on to the reception too [just remove the wire!].

4. Ambient Mason Jars

Its just mason jars, wire, flowers and water! [ or even substitute or altenate the flowers for candles]. Perfect for hanging from trees, beams or any like nook!

5. Decorative Mason Jar Candle Holders

Using lace or doilies cover the jar, secure with rope and ribbon [trim any excess] and pop a candle in the middle. [Simple or what?!]

6. Mason Jar Bubble Wedding Favour

Yes, this is aimed at kids, but I still love bubbles! Don't you?! How cute is the old key as the 'blower' too! Decorate with nice ribbon.

7. Cake in a Mason Jar

Need I say more? See below for ingredients!

8. Simple Mason Jar Candle Holder

This time without the doily and with a little 'self embossed' embelishment. Gorgeous.

9. Floral & Fabric Mason Jar Centrepieces

Love the complimentary fabrics in this one... I think at this stage you get the drill... simple, simple, simple!

If you've come across a great DIY mason jar project please do send it to me - I'll be delighted to feature you and your project! [ weddinghigh [at] gmail [dot] com


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9 DIY Mason Jar Wedding Projects
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