Thursday, 19 May 2011

18 Cute Wedding Photos you have to have!

Sure the pics with the in laws and out laws are important! You'll probably want a couple with Granny & Grandad too... as well as Aunties, Uncles and all the Cousins... A round up with the friends will look lovely on the mantle but think about some unique ideas before you take these shots... here are 18 cute Wedding Photos to get you inspired... and some you just have to have taken!

1. The intimate moment from the back.

2. A sweet kiss in the rain!

3. Mr & Mrs...

4. I heart you!

5. Pretty, pretty balloons & a gorgeous bride.

6. Bubbles & Bride

7. Kiss Me Quick

8. Love in the Snow

9. A Right Pair

10. Stairway to Heaven

11. Our Love in Lights!

12. A Romantic Kiss

13. Pretty in a Picture Frame

14. You Take Ours, We'll Take Yours

15. Do You Like My Dress?

16. Did you forget our name?

17. Ladies

18. We all love you...


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18 Cute Wedding Photos you have to have!
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