Wednesday, 25 May 2011

15 Gorgeous Blue Wedding Dresses

I've a friend who up until recently has never really expressed an interest in marriage. Its not that she wasn't interested in love, or that she didn't want children, of even that she was a 'career girl', it was just something she never expressed [at least to me] a big interest. Cue 'Mr. Right'; he landed on the scene some time ago, but love blossomed [and I mean really blossomed] overnight and now, well now, she talks about getting married ALOT!

I've no idea what she imagines or envisages for her big day, but the girl loves blue. She looks fab in blue. Blue is definitely her colour and so, to show her [incase she was wondering], blue is definitely a option for her wedding dress... cause well... white... white just might not cut it ! :)

Ok. This is not blue... but wow...


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15 Gorgeous Blue Wedding Dresses
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