Wednesday, 18 May 2011

15 Fun Foods for your Wedding

Clearly I love weddings. Who would devote so much of their life to weddings if they did not, but sometimes, just sometimes, they bore me a little. Some lack imagination and look like they have just come off some massive identi-kit-conveyor belt. I don't think I am alone in these thoughts.

One area that can become absolutely boring is food...! Often it is the case that an [Irish] wedding is judged on the quantity and quality of the food; the cut of the beef or the freshness of the salmon can ultimately form the lasting impression your guests have of the day. And I suppose, maybe because of this, some couples find it difficult to be a little adventurous.

Here are 15 simple, fun and tasty ideas of how you can mix your wedding menu up a little, [or a lot] and still send your guests home smiling and satisfied!

1. Strawberry Margarita Popsicles

2. Mini Burgers & Fries

3. Carmel Apples

4. Chocolate Spoons

5. Milk & Cookies

6. Veggies & Dip

Source: None via Bláithín on Pinterest

7. Mini Pancakes

8. Oreo Tiered Cake

9. Appetizers on a Fork

10. Berries in Ice

11. Cheese in the Garden!

12. Cheesy Popicles

13. Coffee with Heart!

14. Octopus for mains!

15. French Ice Cream


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15 Fun Foods for your Wedding
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