Saturday, 2 April 2011

5 Pairs of Retro Wedding Shoes with Attitude!

For some girls a traditional wedding is not what they want, but somehow the find themselves in the big white ball-gown, holding a bouquet of vintage roses and wondering is their veil long enough. How do these 'not your normal bride' kick it up a notch and add some attitude into their wedding [while still keeping it bridal]? With some retro shoes with attitude that's how:

1. Christian Louboutin Maralena Peep Toes

 How sweet are these? Available from Saks for $2445. 

2. Proudly Posh Heel

Peacock is everywhere this season [and last], and what a perfect way to spice up your wedding then with these gorgeous shoes! Available from Modcloth for just $54.99 - a steal -no? 

3. Angel Retro Pumps with Rhinestones 

These I think just kick ass! Even though they have only a 2" heel, nobody is going to mess with a bride in these! Available from Perfect Details for just $110 - bargain! 

4. Laser Cut Booties 

These I love love LOVE! I would say wear them every day but with a price tag of $2375 these babies are possibly best reserved for those once in a lifetime occasions - like a wedding! Available from Net-A-Porter.

5. Camilla Skovgaard Cutout Leather Platform Sandals

Ok, being honest; these I would probably never wear - ever... but talk about shoes with 'tude' - these shoes have it in bucket loads! 'Only' €430 from Net-A-Porter


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5 Pairs of Retro Wedding Shoes with Attitude!
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