Sunday, 20 February 2011

Women Often Not Aware If She Overweight

Women Often Not Aware If She Overweight

Weight loss is always the focus of attention of women. If their weight go up a little … ‘no! ” that’s a word that exists in their minds.

However, it appeared that some other woman did not even realize the change until the excess weight or overweight. How could you?

Recent research from the University of Texas states that nearly 25% of women with overweight and 16% of normal women in the productive years, it turns out misjudge their weight.

This weight misperceptions affect women’s body, which will relate to a problem susceptible to cardiovascular and other obesity problem.

Prof. Mahbubur Rahman, from the center Women’s Health Research said, “The obesity rate was starting to break up because many women who think being overweight as normal problems and these women do not realize how they look real.”

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Women Often Not Aware If She Overweight
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