Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What I am up to....

Hello my lovely friends...

This blog has been a vacant spot for a while now hasn't it?! I have been pretty slack in getting on here and typing up posts!

Things have been busy for me though - most of it though is behind the scenes business stuff so not much prettyness to show you. But here's a glimpse...

You might remember a while back that I put out an offer to help someone plan their wedding. Well my call was answered by a lovely lady named Megan who is getting married in April. I have been having so much fun working with her on a range of bits and pieces for her special day. Maybe later I will show you the invitation suite we designed, but right now my focus is on a lolly buffet that will act as the bonbonniere for the wedding.

I am also working on a baby shower for another lovely lady in June. This one has a 'cute as a button' theme in yellow and white. So much fun, and so cool to be given complete creative freedom! Michelle has given me a couple of requests - there must be caramel tarts, lemon meringue and sunflowers. The rest is up to me. Here are a couple of images that I have been looking at for this one.

Our colour palette 

Invitation from www.the sweetestoccasion.com

Images from www.alchemyfineevents.com - B is for Baby Shower

Image from decor8blog.com

Images from www.alchemyfineevents.com - B is for Baby Shower

Finally, I am working away busily on getting the business side of Luminoso Blu up and running - it's not necessarily as much fun, but very valuable! You may have seen the new LB website? If not, please take a look and let me know what you think www.luminosoblu.com.au. We are still finalising a full photo gallery but that should be up and running very soon. Will let you know.


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What I am up to....
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