Monday, 21 February 2011

Were you as disappointed by the Royal Wedding invite as I was?

I've long said that no matter what Kate and Wills do for their wedding will set the trend for years to come. I've often also said that for me a wedding invite is [perhaps] the most important aspect of a wedding; it sets the tone of what is the come. When I caught my first glimpse of the Royal Wedding invite this morning I must say I was disappointed, very disappointed. [And I hope the only trend this invite is setting is -what not do have as a wedding invite!]

For the couple who have the world's leading Wedding Suppliers and Vendors at their feet and the rest of the world watching their every [wedding] move, this was chosen! I ask you - what were they thinking!

In my [humble] opinion its boring, lack lustre and I really hope it is not a taste of what is to come. Wills and Kate are supposed to be the monarchy of the 21st century and at their first chance [hurdle] to shine, be different and reassure, that yes, they can take us forward, they fail, abysmally. OK, yes, I know, its only an invite... but I think you all get where I going with this.

Lets say a little pray that the rest of the wedding is something to speak of.... and the right kind of something too!


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Were you as disappointed by the Royal Wedding invite as I was?
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