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Vitamin E, Vitamin Love

Vitamin E, Vitamin Love

Male sexual arousal could have been up and down. In fact, although the burly man dressed like an athlete. Many say, the food effect on male sexual arousal. Is it true that food and sexual function related to each other?

In the book “Super Nutrition for Men ‘, Ann Louise Gittlemen, Ms.CNS, said that there is a clear attraction between diet and sexuality.

The function of the body including functions of the sexual organs are also affected by antioxidants. This material is relatively easily obtained. Vitamins A, C and E that include antioxidants (also acts as a destroyer of free radicals) can protect and improve the sexual organs.

Vitamin E is also called vitamin love even when erect penis that carries oxygen to the blood flowed. In this case the function of vitamin E are the keepers to keep oxygen-rich blood so that sexual function continues to run well.

Unfortunately hard to meet the needs of vitamin E from food. But this material can be obtained from the consumption of supplements of about 400 international units daily.

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Vitamin E, Vitamin Love
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