Sunday, 20 February 2011

Three Secrets Cause Stretchy Waist

Three Secrets Cause Stretchy Waist

The struggle against overweight women, does not stop at diet and exercise alone. The results in some places to find, there are hidden reasons why some people on diets so hard to do. Even if there is a little dieting, body resistance immediately drop so easily hurt and weak. Actually there is nothing wrong if you can not go on a diet, because every person is born with its uniqueness. Understanding the following three reasons for this may help you accept yourself and try to better.

Standard thin

Who determines weight so mean skinny? So far, the benchmark used is the ideal weight (height minus 100 to minus 110 for men and women). But apparently this is still no answer to the desired standard in appearance, for example, just a woman with a height of 165 cm will not be satisfied with body weight 55 kg. This is still a problem, namely the size figure can not be the size of an appearance. Slightly overweight, no matter the origin of the body still looks beautiful. But over time can become beautiful again if she continues to feel safe to forget about the diet restriction.

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Three Secrets Cause Stretchy Waist
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