Sunday, 20 February 2011

This is "Bad"!

This is "Bad"!

One way to make your relationship with the he is not boring is to do a variety of new variations of lovemaking. Take the he tried something a bit ‘naughty’ without making them feel dirty, disgusted or even cheap. Here’s a tip for naughty action in the bed that can be enjoyed both.

Use a mirror

Place the mirror (very large size, if any) near the bed in order to ‘watch’ live action you and he on the bed. “He will have the opportunity to see his own body during sex. That sensation of its own, “said Lori Hollander, sex therapist from Michigan. Your partner must also be added aroused when you see your back is wet with sweat through the reflection in the mirror. Yes, this is the sex that really erotic. She’ll love it!

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This is "Bad"!
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