Sunday, 20 February 2011

There's Still Rainbow After Rain

There's Still Rainbow After Rain

The wise man said, that in every life we live, there is always acid salt, bitter sweet, joys and sorrows. Each event we’ve ever experienced always have a silver lining. So that was always designed by God, in the event burukpun we still get something sweet from him.

Often we blame God, when there are events that make us feel sad and disappointed. Especially when the incident happened to us repeatedly. For example, you lose your job for something that is not our fault, then your lover suddenly disappeared and the word end was saying, unfortunately again stolen handphone missing person’s pet. Perhaps the incident happened to you today. And you feel as a person tersial in the world.

However, look deeper, that there is something sweet stored neatly. Did you see it? A happy thing that is covered by a sense of disappointment, so it is hard to see it. Close your eyes, now it has become increasingly apparent instead. Let us help you to see it. In any event difficult that you experience, you learn many things from there.

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There's Still Rainbow After Rain
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