Sunday, 20 February 2011

Study: The Skinny More "Hot" in Bed

Study: The Skinny More "Hot" in Bed

It turned out that obesity is not only bad for health but also the warmth in bed. Recent study found that thin people also have the “ability” bigger in the bedroom.

A study conducted in the U.S., found that people who are obese, and then arrange the body finally able to enjoy sexual life more pleasant, as well as make feel better. Reports of this invention is disclosed in a regular meeting held Obesity Society, in Vancoouver, Canada.

In a study conducted by the director of the Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, Martin Binks, apparently the people who are obese are significantly higher on average have worse quality of sexual relationships. However, “little is known about the effect of weight reduction in this problem, ’said researcher.

Lalukan In their study, Binks and his colleagues experimented sexually quality data from people who arrange his body. The experiment was conducted in 161 women who were obese and 26 men who are also obese. The data are collected every three months for two years. To measure sexual quality of life, the researchers used a variety of standard questions, entitled ‘The Effect of Obesity on Quality of Life. ”

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Study: The Skinny More "Hot" in Bed
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