Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Several Way to make your Mate smile

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There is nothing better than knowing that you’ve made someone happy – especially if you do it in ways that simple.

Here are 10 easy ways to make someone smile. I guarantee you’ll smile too. :)

1. Write the words “thank you”

This is a very, very simple, but it has very important meaning. Write the words “thank you” today to someone who helped you complete the task or someone who has done something for you. Able to parents, children, colleagues, friends, or even a shop assistant who has graciously serve you.

Bonus points: Write on a piece of paper and send it, either by mail or deliver your own – not just via email.

2. Put a funny screensaver or wallpaper on their computer

If you were in office, why you do not try to alter your coworkers computer screensaver with something fun or funny at the time he was not at his desk? Or suppose that at home, secretly you change the wallpaper computer owned by your spouse or your parents. Install the screensaver or wallpaper that you know about it can make people laugh.

Bonus points: Try to find a screensaver or wallpaper associated with the favorite.

3. Bought her/him favorite candy / chocolate

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Several Way to make your Mate smile
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