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Sensation at Sofa

Sex Sensation at Sofa

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Sex Sensation at Sofa
by jeepers in Sexuality, February 2, 2011

Making love to a sitting position does have its own sensation. How could I not, in this position, you and your partner is more emotionally attached to feel pleasure when having sex.

sitting position allows sex run more slow, calm and gentle. The great advantage gained by having sex in a sitting position is that you and your partner more flexibility to rest whenever you or your partner want her kiss-kiss and caress or touch gives spoiled in other parts sensitive. In addition, the sitting positions also allows you to change the style for sexual pleasure that you get to be monotonous.

Here are 4 style of sitting positions that you should try:

Desk Detail

Sit your partner and wait for him to take a position as comfortable as possible. Open wide your partner’s feet but allow both his legs still touching the floor. Wow what a tempting view right?

Do not rush. Please you sit on his lap with your legs inside the leg area with his back to the position of your partner’s body. Lift your feet and let it hang in the air. Do not forget to hold your feet to maintain balance. When your partner begin to grip your hips and increasingly merapatkannya toward his body, then be prepared to groan favors because of his magic wand soon will explore your vagina. Ask the he did a motion like a small circle for a more powerful pleasure while you keep your legs close up in the air.

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Sensation at Sofa
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