Sunday, 20 February 2011

Not for Lady!

Not for Lady!

Hey I said this is not for you lady….! hahahaha… sorry I inspired by Lady Elena to introduce like this..wkwkwkw so lets start it.

All men must have felt proud if it managed to conquer a woman on the bed. More and more women are subjugated, the more you will feel manly. Well, from there usually comes a desire to show off. If you show off to fellow male friends still okay, even still considered normal. But do occasionally boast your manhood to the couple.

“I was most annoyed when she starts telling me about his sexual experiences with women. Why do men love to brag about it? On the right, it only made me afraid, lest he has a venereal disease,” said Debbie, 32. Well, guys, essentially all women want to be special. So, do not let them feel to be one of the dozens of trophies to your collection.

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Not for Lady!
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