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The Miracles of Orange Fruit

The Miracles of Orange Fruit

Vitamin C, also important as the immune system, both to ward off the flu and preventing recurrent ear infections.

Citrus fruit is a fruit that is very popular in all parts of the world. To get it did not need to wait for the season, because citrus fruits are always there in every season.

Not only would make a great healthy snacks, fruit that taste sweet and sour is also often used as the main recipe ingredient in various dishes. Even now, orange juice is often used as part of an unforgettable main menu at breakfast.

Orange is available in two categories, sweet and bitter. Usually, orange with smooth skin texture and a bit heavy to have a higher water content than the orange with the skin texture like a sponge and has a lighter weight.

Find out the efficacy of these other citrus, as quoted from page Times of India:

Sources of vitamin C
One orange has a supply of 116.2 percent of the daily value for vitamin C. Vitamin C is beneficial to reduce the risk of colon cancer because it can help expel free radicals that cause damage to DNA.

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The Miracles of Orange Fruit
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