Thursday, 24 February 2011

Love Make Us Smart

proved to have a partner or husband can also make you more intelligent. During this time you may not notice or do not know how.

To that end, know the tactics for the love affair can be 'used' to make you and your spouse are smarter, as quoted by Reader's Digest.

1. Marry the person that same with you
Research Seattle Longitudinal saw 169 couples in seven-year intervals between 1956 and 1984. It was found that the most stable relationships are those who marry someone who is not much different with him, in terms of intelligence, flexibility of attitude, social responsibility, and education level.

The researchers also found that after 14 years together, a better partner in terms of understanding verbal language and verbal fluency, managed to attract a partner who has the function of "inferior" to be just like them.

2. Holding hands as often as possible
Holding hands with a partner to create a feeling of warmth and calm. When stressed, try holding hands tightly with a partner. Research with brain scans found that when women get married is given a mild electric shock, just by holding the hands of their husbands, the pain response in the brain can be reduced.

Women who have a stable relationship, it has decreased the high levels of stress-related brain activity. It can make you become more reliable in thinking.

3. Kissing at least once a day
Kissing trigger the release of oxytocin that makes you and your partner become closer and reduce the hormone cortisol, the stress triggers. The researchers say that when kissing, we automatically turn on almost half of the cranial nerves that affect brain function.

All sensory information from kissing - aroma, warmth and softness of the lips couples - straight to the brain and activate neurons and make new connections.

4. Put a photo on his desk mate
The results of brain scans showed that by looking at the photo lovers, especially at the early stage of the relationship, can activate brain areas associated with pleasure, reward and focus attention and create and motivation. Sensation in the brain similar to those seen in a cocaine addict.

Then, when you're in the throes of new love, prefrontal cortex You will also be more active. Namely, with a lot of thinking to be able to spend more time together and plan for the future.

5. Alone
A study found that average blood pressure is lower when a person spends time with her partner than when they spend time alone or with others. Even if you do not speak, simply by spending time in the same room. Like, reading, watching television, or internet play.

Spend time alone with your partner makes you more calm and make it easier to think.

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