i have a confession...


I have a confession. I don't really enjoying cooking or baking. I feel a bit funny saying it out loud, as though I am breaking a code of conduct that comes with being a woman. Thankfully I have a guy who loves (and I mean loves) to cook. So much so that his first ever memory is of his mum baking a cake while he was in a bouncinette at her feet. Isn't that the sweetest?!

Anyway, what I am getting at is that this year one of my resolutions is to try and cook more. And have fun doing it. While I haven't started yet, I figure it is only February and I still have ten months to get into the swing of things.

Until that happens, I am more than happy to soak up the delicious food that finds its way from my fianc√©’s hands to my plate. Just like this seeded loaf he made sans bread maker. Give it a try, the recipe is so simple (...says the girl who doesn't cook). x

Photo Claire Plush