Wednesday, 16 February 2011

7 Steps to the perfect Champagne Tower

There was a time when I used to think that Champagne Towers were insanely tacky and only used by those who [I thought] were 'trying' to hard. Now? Now... I kinda love them again. [Yes, I know, shock horror, I'm prone to changing my mind ... I am a woman guys!]

I'm often asked by clients if their venue can do one for them, or if they are hired in... or how it works. Basically, many clients in the past wanted them. For awhile I tended to steer them clear, [not for personal reasons], mostly for practical reasons; champagne fountains are easier to set up, easier to use and [in some cases] more cost effective. And of course champagne fountains had a novelty factor - for a while.... [for me], that is now gone and like with most things, [for me] Champagne Towers are back in vogue.

So how exactly does one make a Champagne Tower? Easy! Ok... not easy peasy... but in principle it sounds simple... the execution however is a little more [time consuming, frustrating, potentially damaging] 'involved'.

Step 1

You need a good firm solid base. I recommend a separate table with a spillage tray to catch overflow.

Step 2

Only use coup champagne glasses. [You know them, the retro rounded ones, - look like you should serve ice-cream in them] Your glasses should all be identical as well.

Step 3

Start by making a square using the glasses. Essentially the tower is just successively smaller squares on top of each other. So if your bottom square is 10 glasses by 10, your next will be 9 by 9 and so on until you have just 1 on top.

Step 4

In making a champagne tower, placement is key. You'll notice from your bottom '10 glass by 10 glass' square that as each glass is touching a small diamond shape is formed. Its over this 'diamond shape' that you want to place the stem of your next glass.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 until you have but 1 glass on top.

Step 6

Very slowly pour Champagne into the top glass and watch it 'flow' downwards. Larger champagne bottles or magnums are best for this.

Step 7 

If  the Champagne Tower is for decorative purpose only 'fill' with champagne in advance. If the Champagne Tower is part of or is your drinks reception have a waiter there to hand out the glasses - the last thing you want is Aunt Flow or Uncle Bob knocking over the whole Tower as they take their glass!

Image from Pink Peony


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7 Steps to the perfect Champagne Tower
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