Wednesday, 23 February 2011

24 Hours Never Enough

One day a woodcutter came to a plantation. There he saw there was a noisy activity, he approached the place, there was a tree the loggers were working to harvest trees that are of age. He was looking for the foreman, to then acting on it.

Shortly thereafter, the foreman allowed him to join. And fun the heart of the foreman, as the woodcutter was a diligent and productive. Succeeded in cutting down 18 trees that day.

"It was great, tree feller, O, come back tomorrow, because you're already doing great work," said the foreman.

The lumberjacks are very happy, he finally get a good job at a reasonable price. And he promised to himself, tomorrow morning he should be more successful than today.

Thus, the next day the woodcutter went early in the morning. He traced the woods looking for trees which are ready to cut. All day he tried, only 15 trees that had brought home. With the disappointment and fatigue the body he is facing the foreman. He hurried home and then prepare yourself for tomorrow.

And indeed, the next day the loggers leave early, get into a more dense forest and intend to bring more trees. Unfortunately it was almost evening, only 10 trees that had brought. He also grieve, feel disappointed with yourself. The foreman was looking for immediately, "Sorry Mr. Foreman, today I did not work anymore. Only 10 bars all I can take it. I am really ashamed ..." he said full of disappointment.

The foreman was then smiled as he patted the shoulder of the woodcutter, "when was the last you sharpen your ax?" asked the foreman. "Sharpen? I do not have much time to sharpen the ax, I'm too busy thinking how to produce more trees ..."

See, that's why 24 hours was never enough for us. Too much time we spend thinking about results without thinking about the process and other important matters.

Retold as in 7 Habits OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen Cove


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24 Hours Never Enough
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