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10 Tips for Pregnant Women

10 Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy for the expectant mother is a miracle that can not be purchased with the material. Pregnancy is often cause various health problems and mental problems such as emotions and stress.

However, still periods of pregnancy becomes extraordinary moment eagerly awaited by all prospective mothers. There are women who have waited for years to conceive, others who are not blessed with long immediately after marriage. Everything will leave unforgettable memories for a 0women

Although much should they passed, pregnancy is still something beautiful and amazing. However, women should have a lot of knowledge as a preparation to undergo the process of pregnancy is not at all easy.

There are many things that need to be known by a woman to maintain a healthy body and her fetus. There are many preparations to be made to undergo childbirth smoothly.

Here are 10 tips that can be applied to pregnant women to maintain a healthy body and psychology before the birth of their babies who have been waiting for.

1. In the early trimester of pregnancy expectant mothers should know that some health problems that will happen and trying to figure out appropriate solutions without too much panic. Pregnant women should be aware that the early trimester of pregnancy are most vulnerable moments of miscarriage so it is very risky for women to experience stress.

2. In the first trimester, pregnant women should maintain food intake to keep the fetus from birth defects. Consumption of 400 mg of folic acid every day for 12 weeks is very important to be applied to keep the baby’s health.

3. Women who smoke or consume alcohol and should be stopped immediately after knowing that they are pregnant. The risk of smoking and alcohol on a baby so bad that it is important to keep infants from both.

4. In the first trimester, pregnant women will be vulnerable to experiencing nausea. This can not be an excuse for not eating at all. An empty stomach can aggravate nausea and complaints may decrease maternal health that will be harmful to their fetus. They should eat bananas to fill your stomach and began to look for food with the fresh scent like ginger biscuits, tea, salad, orange juice, or mint.

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10 Tips for Pregnant Women
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