Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tip: Hide Belly Fat

Tips: Hide Belly Fat

Having a sexy and slim tummy is every woman’s dream, but not easily stomach trim can be obtained, especially if we never exercise and not keeping the food we eat.

For that you need for clever tricks to hide your Gembul stomach, while she set the time to exercise and get a really beautiful belly.

Trick 1: Wear a wrinkled shirt

T-shirt with wrinkle and fall models will help to disguise the folds of fat on your belly and waist. But remember, do not pick cotton, because the lining will push your body, so that the fats are attached to the more subtle.

Trick 2: Skirt shape tube

Choose a skirt or long shirt-shaped pipe / tube, do not select a tight for the folds of fat can hide for a while in safety.

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Tip: Hide Belly Fat
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