Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sex-style "Hot" in The Year 2011

Sex-style "Hot" in The Year 2011

WHEN lovemaking seem boring, think again. Maybe you and your partner have sex need to change the style of a more “hot”.

To avoid confusion, you can follow the references from iDiva follows:


Lie down on the edge of the bed and let your legs stretched out under the bed. Ask the couple kneeling or standing on the edge of the bed and slowly lift your buttocks slightly when starting of penetration. Put your legs over his shoulders. This position is so impressive to feel the blood flow to the head when the pair penetration. This action will lead you to reach orgasm in an instant.


Position your body stand on a footing with the two foot wide staircase to the side. Ask the couple stood on a platform further down the ladder facing your body.

This position allows you to do it facing the wall, but without any grip. You also can put both legs around his body if he is strong enough to withstand your weight.

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Sex-style "Hot" in The Year 2011
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