Thursday, 27 January 2011

Nature of Man by His Mr "P"

Nature of Man by His P Size

Similarly, women who often worry about the size of the breasts, the men are also worried about the size of his penis. Well, this time you can detect the size of the “weapons” his nature that showed through.

Trying to run away when discussing penis

When the topic has been started heading toward the penis, then she would try to divert your attention on other topics. He began to talk about the great things he had done, the things that make it appear bold like a hero and a man manly. How many wounds he had. Or rafting activity which could make it sink for a few minutes, and he survived.

Well, in short he is anti to the topic of his “younger brother”. And until whenever he would never discuss it with you.

Easy and simple emotional apology

Men who have the size of Mr. P mini, are prone to emotion, but he also would immediately apologize in a very short time. Changes in emotions quite labile, up and down like jetcoaster.

Why is that?

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Nature of Man by His Mr "P"
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