Horrific-yet-elegant wedding idea

If I was planning a horror-themed wedding, but I also wanted to have traditional elements, I'd steal this idea.

This room was designed by Amy Lau, an interior designer, using TV show Dexter as the inspiration.

A vinyl-wrapped table and ceiling and plastic-sheathed floor recall the protective plastic the character obsessively uses to protect against splatters when killing.

Mealtime is anything but dull when Dexter sets his table with Thomas Fuchs Wine & Water goblets that have a vein-like streak running down the stem. Red wine refills are available in blood vials.

More photos and information available here.

The wine-filled vials as the centerpiece is beautiful and smart - there's no better way to encourage your guests to enjoy themselves than to surround them with booze. Plus, you don't have to buy flowers or any other trinkets to decorate the table.