Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Guest Book: Photo Booth

The second kind of guest book I'm going to highlight also has to do with pictures, but this time it's pictures of your guests.  Photo booths are becoming a popular trend at weddings and are pretty easy to DIY.  Find a cute background, throw some props in the area, and give someone a camera.  Then, attach it to a printer, print the picture on the spot, and have the guest attach them to the guest book and write something next to their picture.  This is a great way to remember everyone who came to your wedding.

Also, a lot of rental companies will rent out photo booths, but that can get kind of expensive, so I wouldn't bother looking into this option unless you have some extra money in your budget.
Here's a couple pictures of guest books made with photo booth pictures:

I think photo booths are great fun for your guests and a lot of fun for the bride and groom to look after the wedding is over.

If you were a guest at a wedding, what kind of props would you like to see in the photo booth?


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Guest Book: Photo Booth
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