Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Guest Book: Photo Book

A lot of people do a traditional guest book where people just write their name on a line.  Well, that can be kind of boring.  So, this week I'll be writing about a couple of other ideas to make your guest book a little more you.

A photo book is becoming a lot more popular in the wedding world.  Couples want to put their engagement pictures to use and this is a perfect way.  You can arrange your photos throughout the book and leave room for your guests to sign your book yearbook style.

If you aren't getting engagement pictures done, you could use any combination of pictures.  Using pictures from throughout your relationship would be a great idea.  Start with the first picture you took together and then end with one of the most recent.  Pictures of your travels would also be another cute idea.

I used this kind of book for our wedding.  I loved our engagement pictures and wanted to use them somehow in the wedding.  Guests loved the book and we got some great comments.  It's also nice that we can keep it on our bookshelf instead of storing it in a box and never looking at it.

Here's a couple other examples of photo book style guest books:

I used Shutterfly for my guest book, but here's a list of a couple other places you can look into:

Are you doing a photo book for your wedding?  If so, what kind of pictures are you using?


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Guest Book: Photo Book
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