Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tough Question: How do we keep it all together and make sure everyone has fun?

A: There are many ala carte services available to help spice up your wedding, make your guests feel welcomed, and assist it in running smoothly. For example, if you're having an outside wedding, have you provided restrooms and a hand washing station for your guests? How about a photobooth available to all? Have you thought about dance lessons for the two of you? for the bridal party? Specialized lighting is an economical way to turn an otherwise ordinary venue into an extraordinary sight. Are you serving alcohol? What about children...have you considered things for them to do or someone to watch over them? Do you need to hire a house-cleaning service?

How do you find good service providers? First of all, find recommendations from reputable sources, and then, ask questions? Below are a few sample questions:

• How long have you been in business providing this type of service?

• What type of guarantee do you have?

• How are your employees dressed?

• Are you licensed?

• Do you have references?

For an elaboration on ala carte services and more questions to ask, please see the Ala Carte Section of the Seattle Wedding Workbook. Be sure to write down your answers to the questions on the worksheets provided in the workbook. This will help you be successful in keeping organized along the way during your wedding planning.
Seattle Wedding Workbook has a few ala carte recommendations for you:

Lose 3 dress sizes in three minutes Seattle's Photobooth NW


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Tough Question: How do we keep it all together and make sure everyone has fun?
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