Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Man proposes via Muppets

Do you like Muppets, proposals, and (spoiler alert!) happy people? You'll like this story. A guy named Sid Ceaser proposed to his girlfriend (now wife-to-be) Sara Prindiville via Muppet. He ordered custom muppets, made a movie, and had it played as a trailer at random movie. There were strangers in the theater when they arrived, and friends snuck into surprise her.


Here's the cute couple with their Muppetgangers:

And here's what they really look like:

The link above has the entire proposal story.

Found via Dooby Brain


Kay Banks

p.s. yep, I'm mostly feeling better, thanks. Expect continued laziness until the new year.


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Man proposes via Muppets
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