Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wedding Dress Dissolves in Water

Fashion and engineering students at a British university have come up with an answer about what to do with wedding dresses after the big day: dissolve it in water. Students at Sheffield Hallam University developed a wedding dress [seamed with] joints that will dissolve, transforming the dress into five new pieces that can be used after the dress is worn, according to The Telegraph.

The dresses are the focus of A Sustainable Marriage, a new exhibition at the university. "The students wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once and aimed to explore modern society's attitudes towards throwaway fashion," fashion design lecturer Jane Blohm said in a release . "The wedding gown is perhaps one of the most iconic and symbolic garments in humanity's wardrobe and represents the challenges of throwaway fashion."

According to The Telegraph , the dress has polyvinyl alcohol, a biodegradable substance used in laundry bags and washing detergents. The substance is knitted into the fabric and dissolves into the water without hurting the environment. Wedding dresses may cost hundreds – if not thousands – but may never be worn again.

The catch, the Telegraph stated, is brides may want to make sure to have an umbrella handy if their wedding day looks like rain.

I like the sustainable marriage idea! I'm always a fan of re-using, and not going beyond my means. Melting stitches aren't the best idea ever, but I'm sure some smarty-pants can figure out an ingenious usage for them.

For now, I don't want to wear anything that could potentially leave me bare-assed in front of all my friends and family.



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Wedding Dress Dissolves in Water
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