Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Real Wedding: Megan and Shane

Megan and Shane got married March 12, 2010 in Dyersburg, Tennessee.  Megan originally had a way earlier date, but ended up having to move it back because of the budget.  It didn't matter though because her wedding turned out absolutely gorgeous.  

Megan planned the majority of the wedding herself and a lot of the projects were all DIY.  Her pink and brown color scheme was absolutely fabulous.

What was your budget?: $3000

What did you do to make your wedding unique?: The thing about my wedding, I didn't follow any of the cookie cutter rules that typical, small town, Southern weddings have. The Knot taught me a lot about how to make my wedding more personal, so I did just that. The bridesmaids didn't wear matching dresses. I served cupcakes instead of cake. I had a monogrammed aisle runner and coffee beans in my centerpieces.

What was your biggest splurge?: I didn't really have one, ha ha! I bought plenty of small splurges, like beaded toasting flutes and a matching serving set, but nothing was very expensive. If anything, it was the cupcakes, because they were kinda pricey per cupcake. But I loved them, and the guests raved about them, so they were worth it.

 What aspect of your wedding did you save the most money on?: There were two areas that were a huge money saver for me. The food was cooked by women from our church, which cost us only the price of buying the food. They didn't charge to prepare it, and it was awesome. We also saved a ton on linens and decorations. My church already had tablecloths, chair covers, sashes, and table skirts. They also provided the hurricanes, candles, and mirrors I used for the centerpieces.

Any advice to give to other brides?:  My advice is to just relax as much as you can the week of the wedding. I was so stressed, and it really made the last of the wedding planning miserable. And take a honeymoon if you can! It's the perfect way to unwind from all the craziness, even if it's just a few nights at a nice hotel.

Photography: Angela Laird
Dress: David's Bridal
Cupcakes: Jennifer King
Flowers: Cindy's Florist


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Real Wedding: Megan and Shane
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