Monday, 17 May 2010

Product Review: Kiwi Bridal Kit

Nearly everyone has a fond memory of their father – or grandfather – pulling out his shoe care kit, complete with a tin of KIWI shoe polish and that old rag you just knew had seen better days. Well, the world’s number one shoe care brand is playing hard and fast in today’s busy, multi-tasking world. Today’s KIWI is no longer just stodgy old polish.  The brand has innovated its product line with disposable wipes, one-time sponge shiners and even several women’s gel insoles. With a focus on convenience, comfort and style, KIWI has also just signed on professional dancer and two-time champion of Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burke, as their fabulous new spokesperson.  Who knows better the importance of keeping your feet looking and feeling good?

 Kiwi was nice enough to send me their bridal kit to try out on my wedding day.  The kit included:
  • KIWI Smiling Feet: Ball-of-Foot Cushions
  • KIWI Smiling Feet: Gel Heel Liners
  • KIWI Smiling Feet: Gel Heel Cushions
  • KIWI Smiling Feet: In-Between-The-Toe Cushions
  • KIWI Smiling Feet: Ultra Slim Gel Insoles
  • KIWI Shoe Whitener
  •  KIWI Express Shine Sponge in Neutral
Not all the products worked for our wedding day, but we were able to use the majority of the items.
I outfitted my wedding day heels with the ultra slim gel insole.  I knew I was going to be standing in them for a long time, so I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible.  This insole made my shoes feel a lot more cushier (I know, not a word).  They also helped my shoes fit a little snugger so that they didn't slip on and off all the time.  The one thing I did notice, was that the insole made my feel sweat a little more.

I put the in-between-the-toes cushion inside of my flip-flops for the reception.  I hadn't had a chance to break these flip-flops in, so I figured there would be chafing between my toes.  With this insole, that didn't happen at all.  They were extremely comfortable.

My mom and bridal party all tried out the rest of the insoles and all had rave reviews about them.  They said they made their shoes a lot more comfortable and helped them fit ten times better.

I didn't get to try out the shoe whitener since none of us were wearing white shoes.  I have used kiwi shoe polish millions of times before, so I'm sure this shoe whitener could definitely help out a bride wearing the traditional white shoes.

I completely forgot about the neutral shine sponge.  This would have came in so handy with the groomsmen shoes.  Since we got married outside in the spring, all their shoes were covered in pollen.  This would have definitely helped shine them up for pictures so it didn't look like they were wearing yellow shoes.

I would highly recommend all these Kiwi products to brides.  If you want comfortable shoes, try Kiwi.

No compensation was received in exchange for this review.  I did receive the products free of charge to facilitate this review.


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Product Review: Kiwi Bridal Kit
4/ 5

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