Saturday, 22 May 2010

Practice makes perfect... or so they say

In the pursuit of perfection (or at least a better end result) I have been practicing my skill at decorating sugar cookies. My first attempt you saw the other day. Not great, but promising. This is my second attempt. A box of '5's for my nieces, yes you guessed it, fifth birthday.

Now on close inspection you'll see a couple of serious problems here...

1. the cookies are a 'bit' overcooked.
2. they don't look pretty!!!!

oh, and three - despite using a '5' cutter they don't look very five-ish. In fact my darling husband said,
"what's with the pink sea horses" and my mothers comment was something along the lines of,
"why do you have all these pretty caterpillars".

So okay, the cutter which is a '5' (honest, I got it out of the numbers section) may also double for a couple of different worm cookies or maybe even some sea-life. Good to know.

Fortunately I won't actually see my niece open the box so I can't hear her comments. Whew...

But, moving forward...
I have set myself a challenge -- my next cookie test. To thank my lovely friends for all their hard work and effort yesterday at my baby shower I want to make them some thank-you cookies. I am taking my inspiration from I am baker and her beautiful Mother's Day cookies. I am thinking of something that spells out 'thank you angela' and some of the great words of thanks. All wrapped up in a nice jar? What do you think? I'll let you know how I get on!


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Practice makes perfect... or so they say
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