Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Final Budget Total

Now that you've seen the breakdown of our budget, let us add it all up and see what it came out to.  Remember, some of these were just estimates, but they are pretty darn close to the exact number.  There is probably a couple hundred dollars that didn't go accounted for, just because in the last couple of weeks, I lost count of things.  It will happen to you too.  Don't worry.

Total Budget for Our Wedding: $6913

We came in under the $7000 we had budgeted for!  I'm very happy with the way the wedding turned out and the budget we pulled it off with.  I think it ended up being a gorgeous wedding and everyone had fun.

So, if you were worried about having a wedding on a budget under $10,000, don't be.  You can do it too!


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Final Budget Total
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