Thursday, 20 May 2010

Budget Breakdown: Decorations

We bought the majority of stuff at the wedding ourselves.  We realized it was better to buy the stuff and possibly sell it later, than to rent it for the same price.  I highly suggest going this route if you have the option.  It wasn't terribly expensive and you're able to recoup some of your cost later.

Shepards hooks: $10

I bought all the linens for our wedding from  They were having a great sale and I was able to get all the linens for a fantastic price.

Linens: $150

Centerpieces: $100
Chargers: Free (borrowed from a friend of our coordinators)
Salt and Pepper Shakers: Free (received from a friend after her wedding)

Other Decorations: $50

Total For This Section: $300


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Budget Breakdown: Decorations
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